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European Bioconductor Meeting 2019


The European Bioconductor meeting is aimed at biologists, bioinformaticians, statisticians, programmers and software engineers who use or contribute to the Bioconductor project, or are interested in using Bioconductor. The goals are to:

The main conference will be on Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 December 2019. An optional developer/user day is scheduled on the 11 December.


The conference will include 10 invited talks (30 minutes) and flashlight presentations (8 minutes - see below for details). See the Registration for details about the abstract submission and the conference schedule for details.

Invited speakers

Group discussion

The group discussions will be based on a invited talk, and will give the participants the opportunity to continue the discussion under the moderation of the speaker and other experts present at the conference. We have around 4 topics (see below); participants will choose which group discussion to contribute to at the beginning of the second day.

The group discussion topics are:

Flashlight sessions

Flashlights are intended to be short presentations covering a single topic e.g. a new package or a particular technical problem you have encountered. Each talk has been allotted 8 minutes and presenters should aim for approximately 6 slides. The following rules will apply in these sessions in order to keep things flowing:

Speakers, please share you slides with your session chair in the tea/lunch break preceding your session. Presentations will be transferred to a single computer to ensure the smooth running of the session. It’s safest to use a PDF.

User/developer sessions (free, optional)

We invite participants to form groups dedicated to discuss or work on topics of interest on Wednesday. We have booked rooms for the respective groups. The topics are set by one group leader, and are advertised in advance of the event on the conference page.

To create a user/developer session, open an issue describing the topic. The issue title should start with GROUP: followed by a short but descriptive title. Describe the topic in the main body of the issue in as much detail as necessary, including the name of the topic leader, a chair and a scribe (to report, see below), possible or desired outputs (could be code, a piece of documentation, or general discussion), and possible outcomes. Any interested participants are invited to use the issue to ask questions and/or express their interest in participating.

On Wednesday after, we ask that each group prepares a short summary of their session, which will be coordinated by a chair (who may or may not be the person that suggested the topic) and a scribe.


We would like to acknowledge the financial support of our sponsors for making this event possible.

Gold sponsor

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